Saturday, March 20, 2010

We call it... Jordan's Purpose. Not Jordan's Accident

Sparks Elementary school zone extending (PHOTOS)
By Jan Bellamy/
Published: Thursday, March 18, 2010 2:07 PM CDT
The Sparks Elementary school zone is being extended north, approximately 500 ft., to include the intersection of Twin Falls Drive with Idlewild Drive. The flashers and extended zone were installed by city crews this week and are planned to be fully operational when students return to school Monday.

The move follows a March 8 accident in which Jordan Masinelli, 9, was hit by a car while crossing near the intersection. Masinelli is recovering well from two head injuries received in the accident and returned home Wednesday, cleared for school attendance.

“A lot of people cross there,” said Kellie Masinelli, following Jordan’s accident. “It’s just really more convenient than going on down to where the school zone currently is. Jordan said he crossed just after two other families.”

Masinelli heard the news late last week and said she was very happy to hear of the change.

The expanded school zone boundary will actually be placed a short distance north of the Twin Falls and Idlewild intersection, according to Dana Baird, city communications director, in an emailed update on the planned work.

The new boundary will extend by another 500 feet the distance during which drivers must go no faster than 20 miles per hour when lights are flashing and avoid use of handheld cell phones.


A City of Frisco signal crew prepares the flashing sign to go into place just north of the intersection of Twin Falls and Idlewild drives Thursday. A crosswalk was painted and school zone icon signs put in place earlier this week.

God is amazing... My son will be ok!

Good news for child hit by car (PHOTO)

Published: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:16 PM CST
A Frisco nine-year-old is home, recovering well from head injuries received when hit by a car on his way to school Monday morning.

Jordan Masinelli took his balloons and cards and letters home today. The Sparks Elementary student spent two days in Dallas Children’s Medical Center, diagnosed with two small scull fractures.

“Jordan is at home and said, ‘Thank you to everyone who saved me, the fireman and all that and for everyone’s prayers,” said his mom, Kelli Masinelli.

Jordan was hit as he crossed Twin Falls Drive without the aid of crosswalk or crossing guard. His mother said he was thrown back on his backpack, keeping it between his head and the pavement.

“If not for his backpack, he would have suffered more injuries to his head,” Kelli Masinelli said.

The mother added she doesn’t blame the driver, who was not charged in the incident. See this week’s edition of The Frisco Enterprise for more on this developing story.

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Jordan Masinelli, 9, is back at home. He said he enjoyed all the balloons, cards, letters and prayers he received while at Dallas Children’s Medical Center after being hit by a car Monday morning.

As I'm sitting at the hospital

Mother shares thoughts after son hit by car

Published: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 2:44 PM CST
Jordan, 9, of Frisco was hit by a car Monday morning as he walked to Sparks Elementary. His mother, Kellie Masinelli, shares these thoughts the day after.

It was the call you never want to get, I think, as I sit here at the hospital with my son, Jordan, just waiting for God to do his healing.

It was like any other “rainy” day. When rain is in the forecast, we have to walk to school, only about three blocks. We have him cross only the streets that have stop signs and tell him to cross at the crosswalk.

From the reports we got, is that he stepped out at the wrong time and at the wrong spot. There is a second sidewalk, but the school zones are not covering this area and with no crossing guard, they walk down two more blocks, so they don't have to cross Twin Falls.

As I was getting ready this morning, I could hear the fire truck siren. I stop and say a prayer, always! This morning was a little different. right after the sirens stopped, I got a call.

As soon as the man on the other end of the line, said he was with the fire department, I just yelled, "Is he hit? Is he hit?”

The man told me where he was and I just ran out of the house yelling to my husband that Jordan was hit by a car. And I just bolted out the door and started running...

I flagged down a white pick up truck and he picked me up and I was telling him that my son was hit by a car and he took me right to the accident. All the while, he was calming me down.

Another mom gave me her sweater and her flip-flops, since I ran out of the home with no shoes on. God Bless all the Angels that God sent us.

The people that were there when he was hit and who were able to talk to Jordan, I'm not sure if they got my number from his backpack or if Jordan gave it to them. He can't remember that part.

As I rode to the hospital in the helicopter, I just could not stop thinking about my precious baby lying on the ground and that I wasn't there with him to hold him. As a mom, I feel guilty that I don't take him to school. It's just a few blocks. People will certainly see the kids and drive slower.

The result of this, hopefully, is to get the city to recognize that the entire length of the school zone should encompass a little more of where the kids walk to school. “

Twenty is Plenty” and I am a 100% supporter of this. I know that if I'm in a school zone, that just because the school zone is 30 or 35, if there are kids around, because you never know what they will do, I will slow down. It is just what you do.

But the result of today's accident is that Jordan did get two small skull fractures, there is a little more bleeding of the soft tissue inside the brain and the hematoma on the outside of the brain, but he is doing good and they'll keep him here a night or two.

We've been hearing about prayers and people calling from everywhere about our precious son Jordan, who actually just turned 9 in January. Thank you to everyone everywhere praying...

Sparks Elementary is a very caring school and has been very supportive. The kids all drew cards and his teacher came to visit and I've been in touch with the principal all day.

My son is doing much better now. It looks like we are in the homestretch and

can head back home to Frisco tomorrow.

I heard the sirens...

Child struck by car sustains non-life threatening injuries

Published: Monday, March 8, 2010 9:18 AM CST
Frisco Police say no charges will be filed at this time against a driver whose car struck a child on the way to school Monday morning.

The accident occurred about 7:50 a.m. Frisco police and fire department personnel responded to a call of an accident at Twin Falls Drive and Pleasant Valley Lane. An 8-year-old child was struck by a vehicle while walking to school, according to Sgt. Adam Henderson, Frisco Police Department.

Frisco Fire Department paramedics stabilized the child and determined he received non-life threatening injuries. The youngster was transported to Children’s Medical Center Dallas by CareFlight.

Accident investigators with the Frisco Police Department have determine the boy accidentally stepped out into traffic and was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound on Twin Falls Drive. The speed limit on Twin Falls Drive at the location of the accident is 30 mph. Investigators say no charges will be filed at this time.